Some Useful Advice for Members

18th March 2020

1. Stay safe – if you feel unwell or have symptoms you suspect may be Covid-19, avoid all contact with others except where absolutely essential and follow the HSE guidelines on what action to take. If you are feeling well, limit contact as much as you can to keep yourself and others safe.

2. Wash your hands regularly and thoroughly.

3. Don’t stockpile food and other items as that may prevent other people getting access to necessary items, but ensure you have sufficient supplies at home for yourself and others you cohabit with.

4. Listen and follow the guidelines and advice of the HSE, the government, trusted media and other experts. Avoid social media rumours.

5. Keep yourself and others around you calm. Worry is understandable but panic will achieve nothing. Find things to do at home to keep yourself busy and entertained. Spend time writing and on other creative or artistic work, reading, watching films, hobbies, playing games, exercising.

6. Talking is important. Social media is useful but studies have shown that talking is better for your mental health. If you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed try abdominal breathing or gentle exercise like yoga or tai chi. Call someone you know; tell them how you’re feeling.

7. Offer to help people but do so in a way which limits the risk to everyone’s health as much as possible.

Useful information re Covid-19 and available supports:

Neasa Hourigan TD is encouraging people to share their concerns in relation to their work:

@neasa_neasa “People in precarious work situations have really varied concerns during this crisis. If you would be willing to share your specific questions in a reply tweet I will compile them into a dossier for submission to the relevant minister. Please share. #Covid_19 Thanks @DavidsonJenn.”

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