On Winning a ZeBBie: Joe O’Byrne

13th May 2015

In 2012, Joe took home the ZeBBie Award for Best Radio Script for his work entitled The Blue Hyacinth.

“The ZeBBies is a great event, as it is the one forum for celebrating the work of writers in Ireland,” Joe said. “Through the process of organising the awards and the event it is also a great resource as it is the most systematic tool for gathering information about who is writing and what is being written across a number of media.”

Centered around Hubert and Rose Derdon, this story depicts the struggle of a married man when he is unable to grieve for his wife after she passes away. The Blue Hyacinth is a beautiful creation broaching ideas on life, death, and above all, grief.

Joe has written a number of radio plays for RTÉ which include A Snail Called Sam, What Next for Hedy Lamarr, and Crash Course on Earth. He has also written and directed the stage play McKeague and O’Brien Present the Rising.

Aside from his work on the airwaves, Joe is also a playwright, screenwriter, and a director. He has been the artistic director of Co-motion Theatre Company and has written many of his own plays, including Departed, The Ghost of Saint Joan, and The Man in the Iron Mask, among others.

Currently, Joe is writing a number of episodes of the TV series Rare Earth. Additionally, he is working on a feature film called Killing Mammy.

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