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Solidarity with Charlie Hebdo

8th January 2015

European screenwriters, represented by the Federation of Screenwriters in Europe, are horrified by the cowardly, murderous attack on the creators and editors of the French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo in Paris on January 7th.

As screenwriters we are shocked by this assault on our freedom to speak our minds, our freedom to create. Freedom of Expression is the essential prerequisite of creativity. The slaughter in Paris is an attack on our right to speak, to voice our opinions, to tell our stories. In solidarity with those who lost their lives, we reject terror, silence, and submission.

Les scénaristes d’Europe, représentés par la Fédération des Scénaristes d’Europe, sont horrifiés par l’attaque lâche et meurtrière contre l’équipe du journal satirique français.

Charlie Hebdo à Paris le 7 janvier. En tant que scénaristes, nous sommes profondément choqués par cette attaque contre notre liberté de parole et d’opinion, contre notre liberté de création. La liberté d’expression est le prérequis essentiel de toute forme de créativité. Le massacre à Paris est une atteinte à nos droits, dont celui de raconter nos histoires en toute liberté. En solidarité avec les hommes et les femmes qui ont été tués, nous rejetons la terreur, le silence, et la soumission.

New Playwrights Group

8th January 2015

WGI member Patrick O’Sullivan is a playwright and songwriter who is establishing a new Playwrights Group for Guild members. The modus operandi of the group will be worked out at the first meeting e.g. frequency of meetings, format of meetings, etc.

This invitation is open to current members of the Guild no matter their level of experience as a playwright. If there are sufficient participants we may look to pool playwrights in terms of their writing experience but in the first instance we would love to hear from everyone. The aim of these meetings will be to provide a nurturing, positive environment for playwrights to help one another progress their work by offering constructive feedback and suggestions. All group participants will be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement.

If you are interested in attending the first meeting of this group at 6.30pm on Tuesday, 27 January at the Guild’s office in Dublin, please send on your contact details (email and phone number), together with a brief outline of your writing experience, to the Guild at the usual contact email address (see below), and please mark the subject line ‘Playwrights Group’.