Interaction with the City

15th April 2011

Dublin city public art

Dublin City Council’s Public Art Programme offers opportunities for artists to engage with the city, making new work that responds to the context of Dublin as the capital of Ireland, international city, and a city of communities and localities. The Programme intends to create connections and collaborations between different areas of Dublin City Council’s work as well as interconnections between art, city and the public.

This is the first formally conceived Public Art Programme for Dublin City. The programme builds on the work of the Open Spaces programme initiated by the Dublin City Arts Office in 2007. Open Spaces explored the making and production of art in open spaces in the city through partnered events, talks and critical responses. The Public Art Programme also builds on previous public art commissions initiated by Dublin City Council under the Per Cent for Art Scheme. These commissions included permanent artwork and also temporary and processed based commissions.


It is the intention of the Dublin City Public Art Programme to offer opportunities across many art forms, such as architecture, dance, film, literature, music, opera, theatre, verbal arts, and visual art; including all aspects of contemporary arts practice such as performance, live art, multimedia, video art, sound art, etc. The focus will be on new work and on an openness towards different ways of art-making and expression. In addition to the work of individual artists there is scope for collaborations, collective responses and interdisciplinary practices. There is also respect for different forms of art expression and their duration, encompassing temporary, time-based or permanent work.

The Programme

Four strands have been devised to deliver the Dublin City Public Art Programme. Individually, these strands have distinct characteristics but when combined are intended to offer a cohesive approach to the Dublin City Public Art Programme. They are designed to offer artists opportunities to respond to the city in different ways that are reflective of the breath of artistic practice and that offer the public many different kinds of opportunities to relate to and engage with the programme. The Strands are:

  • Strand 1 – Dublin
  • Strand 2 – Interaction with the City
  • Strand 3 – Connecting with the Public
  • Strand 4 – City Contexts

Briefing and Information

A briefing meeting will be arranged for interested artists, curators and artistic directors. A question and answer session will form an important part of this meeting. The meeting will take place in The LAB, Foley Street, Dublin 1 at 1.00 pm on Tuesday 3rd May. Booking for this event is essential. To book email The Arts Office at

The closing date for initial proposals for Strand 2 – Interaction with the City is 4.00 p.m. on Monday June 27th June, 2011.

More information on guidelines and the application process is available online.

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