Angel Road Screenplay Competition

22nd March 2011

Setouchi icff

The SETOUCHI International Children’s Film Festival in Japan is running the ANGEL ROAD Screenplay Competition 2011.


  • To find and support promising directors and writers around the world.
  • To promote the SETOUCHI area to the world through filmmaking.


  • Any writer who has passion for filmmaking. Age, sex, nationality, profession and experience are irrelevant.


  • The screenplay must be an unpublished original feature-length story. (Any screenplay that has won an award in any other competition is not eligible. No adaptations of an existing stories or books either.)
  • We accept any genre, as long as it meets the following two conditions. 1) It must include the SETOUCHI area in at least one of the locations and also 2) more than one scene where children are featured.
  • The entrant must be the writer him/herself. No substitute entry is accepted. Co-writing by a group of writers is accepted. One representing writer must submit for the group in the case of co-writing.
  • The screenplay must be in Japanese or English. If it’s in Japanese, please follow the Japanese guidelines.
  • The screenplay should be numbered and approximately 90 – 120 pages in length. (for 90 to 120 minute movie).
  • Print your screenplay on A4 or letter size papers and submit a copy. Handwriting scrip is not eligible.

A completed entry must include the following:

  1. Cover: 1 page (Title, Name)
  2. Contact information: 1 page (Name, address, TEL, occupation, age, birthday, brief profile) *In the case of co-writing, include all the writer’s information.
  3. Character sheet: 1 page (write all the characters and their age)
  4. Synopsis: 2-3 pages
  5. Screenplay: 90-120 pages

Secure 1 to 5 together on top and submit 2 copies.

If you have written, directed or produced a movie, submit a copy of DVD that has your works. (Public release, length, recording format irrelevant. The DVD must be finalized. Write your name, title of the movie, year and length on the disk and attached a one-page synopsis.)

Send the complete entry by registered mail at Japan Post Service or any equivalent method. Entrants must pay the shipping cost. Please do not bring in to our office. Send to:

Angel Road Screenplay Competition
NPO SETOUCHI Entertainment Association
5 Fl., 3-19 Hayabusa-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0092 Japan

April 30, 2011 (as indicated by the postmark on the envelope)

The result will be made public on our website and/or public media such as newspapers and magazines.

  • The first selection will chose 10 screenplays (to be announced around mid June,2011)
  • The second selection will chose 3 screenplays (to be announced around mid July, 2011)
  • The final selection will chose the Grand Prize. (to be announced on 28 Aug, 2011)

The entrants of the 3 screenplays chosen in the second selection will be invited to the ceremony at the festival in Kagawa prefecture.

Prize Grand Prize
1 screenplay JPY 1,000,000 and local specialties of SETOUCHI

Honorable Mention
2 screenplays JPY 100,000 and local specialties of SETOUCHI

More details are available on the web site.

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