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Election Prep

1st February 2011

Now that a General Election is looming, Irish people employed in the arts and arts organisations need to remind those running for election the importance of the arts to our culture and economy. The National Campaign for the Arts is working to ensure that the profile of the arts is not forgotten during this pivotal period.

Here are some things you can do:


In Dublin the arts spokespersons from all 5 political parties will attend a meeting to outline their respective arts policies and answer your questions.

There will be a similar format in Galway with candidates from Galway East and West constituencies invited to present their local arts policy and answer your questions.

It’s vital that artists and arts organisers turn up in large number to prove to the politicians that the arts matter! The events are taking place on:

Monday 14 February

  • Dublin: 10.45am – 12.15 in the Project Arts Centre, Temple Bar
  • Galway: 11.00am in the Radisson Blu Hotel


Let the canvassers know that the arts are an election issue for you. Ask them about their arts policy and tell them about the value of the arts. Here are some points to raise:

  • stress the importance of a full cabinet Minister for Arts
  • ask for the continued investment in the arts
  • impress on the candidates the value of the provision of appropriate social protection for artists and those who work in the arts


It’s not too late. Check

If we don’t raise our voices we won’t be heard!