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Greenlight Award 2011

31st January 2011

Greenlight Award

The London Screenwriters’ Festival 2011 (Oct 28-30) has announced details about its annual script competition: the Greenlight Award.

The winner will receive the following:

  • £500 for the purchase of the script by ScriptPlus Limited
  • Production of the script into film by ScriptPlus Limited using a professional cast and crew
  • Script development with industry professionals prior to filming
  • A première as part of the closing ceremony at the London Screenwriters’ Festival 2012
  • Lunch with a top writers’ agent in London. (or phone call if you can’t make it to London)
  • A free pass to London Screenwriters’ Festival 2012

The competition is open to anyone: applicants do not need to attend the Festival to enter.

Your script should be:

  • Ten pages or under
  • Using up to a maximum of five characters
  • Featuring only one major location
  • All genres are considered

Deadlines and costs

Earlybird: May 1, 2011; Fee £15
Regular: Aug 1, 2011; Fee £20
Late: Sept 1, 2011; Fee £25
Withoutabox only (online): Oct 1, 2011; Fee £25

Entries can be processed online or sent via mail.

The Green Light Awards will take place at the London Screenwriters Festival. Shortlisted screenwriters will be invited to the award ceremony on the evening of Saturday 29th of October 2011 in London.

Terms and conditions are available on the web site.