Playwriting Advice

4th November 2010 by Maura McHugh

The Irish Times published a useful article at the weekend which offers practical advice on taking one’s play from script to the stage.

it’s one thing to dream up an idea for a play in your head, and something of an achievement to get it on to paper. To get your lines into the mouths of living, breathing actors, there are some principles you should follow

They say everyone has a book in them, but what about a play? Have you dabbled in drama and sketched scenes in your head but felt unsure about how to go about putting the words you’ve set on the page into the mouths of living, breathing actors?

In the absence of any formal accredited training in Ireland – when the Lir national academy of dramatic art opens at Trinity College Dublin next year, it will offer the first master’s degree in playwriting in the country – there is no traditional path for the playwright to follow. But there is an informal route that budding dramatists can navigate if they have the glow of the footlights in their sights.

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