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British Arts Council Announces Cuts

20th October 2010

Arts Council England’s budget will be cut by 29.6% over the next four years by Britain’s Department for Culture, Media and Sport.

ACE chief executive Alan Davey said the cut “will inevitably have a significant impact on the cultural life of the country”.

He added: “The Secretary of State has asked us to try to ensure that funding for arts organisations is not cut by more than 15% over the next four years – the tipping point that we identified to the chancellor some months ago.

“Council had already indicated they will seek to minimise the effect of any cuts to the portfolio of arts organisations we regularly fund and will consider the overall position when it meets on October 25. We will now be analysing the details of the settlement and the consequences for the arts in this country as a whole.”

ACE’s current government grant is £449.5 million, of which the lion’s share (about £350 million) goes to ACE’s 850 regularly funded organisations.

The response to the announced cuts has been swift and disappointed from Arts organisations in the UK, as reported in The Stage.