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The Big Idea

1st October 2010

The Big IdeaShine Pictures have announced a competition for feature film concepts, with a prize of a £25,000 feature film development deal, called The Big Idea.

They’re looking for ingenious concepts, compelling writing and intriguing characters that will elevate genre films, making them both distinctive and commercial. The stories can be set anywhere, with characters of any nationality, just as long as the audience is a global one. Feel free to be ambitious in scale and scope. You can imagine big stars in lead roles. It can be 3D! You can have big budget visual effects. Go for active, attractive, bold, vibrant, energetic concepts.

Shine Pictures are looking to stimulate ambitious ideas that will capture the global imagination in the following genres:

  • Romantic Comedies (The Proposal, What Women Want, Notting Hill)
  • Action Adventures (National Treasure, Top Gun, Blood Diamond, Cliffhanger)
  • Sci-Fi or Fantasy (Inception, Harry Potter, 28 Days Later, Back to the Future)
  • Family Comedies (Nanny McPhee, Cheaper by the Dozen, Johnny English)

Who can apply?
This is not an entry level competition, so you need to have either a produced or optioned screenplay, an agent, a festival acclaimed short, an hour of broadcast TV drama, a play that has been performed, writing that has been published, or an equivalent industry achievement.

How do you apply?
You will need to send an application form including a 700 word max concept document, your CV, and a maximum 15 page writing sample together with its logline.

Deadline: 29 October 2010

Shortlisted applicants will be invited for an interview and then the winner will be selected from those interviewees.
Interviews for shortlisted applicants: Late November 2010
Winner announced: 20th December 2010