Student Playscript Competition

6th September 2010

The annual International Student Playscript Competition (ISPC), now in its 35th year, is a small, but important, part of the 54-year-old (British) National Student Drama Festival (NSDF). The ISPC has been particularly blessed with the support of Sir Alan Ayckbourn, England’s most prolific playwright, who judged the final round from the start in 1976 and is now the ISPC Patron. The competition is presented by the World Student Drama Trust under the aegis of the NSDF.

The free-to-enter ISPC is unique in several respects, being genuinely worldwide, having no restrictions on form, content, length, number of characters or locations and – above all – giving every entry a helpful, encouraging but honest appraisal. There is no limit to how many scripts any student can enter. The annual closing date for entries is 30 November. The winner receives a cash prize – currently £1,000 – and a highly rated, rehearsed reading at the next NSDF (9-15 April 2011).

You must have been a full or part-time student in 2010 to enter this competition.

There are no restrictions on the writer’s age, nationality, or the content, length, type of play, number of scenes, or characters, and the competition is open to students worldwide.

Deadline: 30 November 2010.

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