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Berlinale Talent Campus 2011

15th September 2010

berlinale Talent Campus 2011

Applications are open for the 9th Berlinale Talent Campus, which will take place from February 12 – 17, 2011.

The Berlinale Talent Campus is a six-day creative academy and networking platform for 350 up-and-coming filmmakers from all over the world.

Focus Campus #9 (February 12-17, 2011):


What do you stand for as a filmmaker and where are you heading? Defining who you are and where you want to go as a filmmaker is an endeavour in itself. It confronts you with choices, and forces you to experiment and take risks. A demanding world asks for outspoken filmmakers who don’t just follow the rules, it needs a generation of filmmakers not afraid of assuming responsibility.

Filmmakers positioning themselves have to make creative choices as well as strategic ones. Daring and decisiveness are indispensable virtues here: trying new approaches, reinventing old ones; developing an eye for the signposts that match your goal and show you the way.

The 9th edition of the Berlinale Talent Campus will focus on filmmakers positioning themselves in today’s world of cinema. The Campus will support and foster emerging filmmakers, bringing them together with seasoned experts who have travelled the road before and will shine a light on the bumpy road ahead.

There is also a hands-on training programme available to applicants, and the deadline for both programmes is October 6, 2010. More information about the application process is on the web site.

Demonstrate Your Arts

15th September 2010

A demonstration will take place at the Department of Tourism, Culture and Sport at 23 Kildare Street, Dublin at 1pm on Thursday 16th September to bring attention to the collapse in the income of the country’s artists as a result of the recession and various government cuts.

The event is part of a National Day of Action organised by the National Campaign for the Arts and the Association of Artists Representatives Organisations (AARO).

Among those participating will be composers, actors, writers, directors, dancers, musicians and visual artists.

The central demands of the National Campaign for the Arts and AARO are:

  • The right to organise and negotiate minimum terms and conditions.
  • The right to social protection.
  • The right of artists to share in the economic rewards from the work they create.
  • The right to hold positions on all relevant bodies (e.g. Film Board, Arts Council, RTE Authority)

Veronica Coburn will direct a flash mob at the demonstration, and actors, dancers and anyone up for a little activity are encouraged to turn up for rehearsals in Filmbase at 11am the morning of the event.

Get out on the streets and demonstrate your arts!