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Screencraft at the IWC

14th September 2010

From 10.30am – 4.30pm on Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th September screenwriter Viko Nikci will be teaching Screencraft at the Irish Writers Centre. Cost: €150.

The Screencraft Method clearly reveals and breaks down the structure beneath almost every successful cinematic story. The Screencraft Method is divided into three main sections; Three Areas of Conflict, Four Stages of Character and Twelve Sequences of Story. Together, these form a writing method that will enable a writer to complete a draft of a feature screenplay in as little as twelve days and focus that screenplay into a high-caliber, character-driven story.

Over the two days, participants will focus on, amongst other things, character, spine, the four essential elements of a screen story, areas of conflict, treatments, the consequence of sequence and the twelve sequences of a screenplay.

Places are limited so please book early.

Reel Art 2010

14th September 2010

Reel ArtThe deadline for the 2010 Reel Art Award has been announced as 17:00 on Monday, 18 October 2010.

Reel Art is an Arts Council scheme designed to provide film artists with a unique opportunity to make highly creative, imaginative and experimental documentaries on an artistic theme. Operated in association with Filmbase and the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival, Reel Art will support three films with a grant of €70-80,000 per project. Reel Art films will be premiered at the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival in February 2012.

The treatment of subjects for Reel Art must be original, imaginative and aesthetically-driven as outlined in the Purpose and Priorities of the award. Subjects and treatments that are televisual rather than filmic will not be considered. Proposals for biographic treatments of artists will only be considered in exceptional cases where the proposed approach is particularly unique. Films may be in Irish, English or bilingual. Applicants must be in a position to make their proposed film for a total maximum budget in the region of €70-80,000 and to deliver the completed project on or before 1 December 2011.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to read the scheme Guidelines and Additional Information in detail before applying.

Assessment Criteria
Applications will be assessed in a competitive context according to the following criteria:

  • The extent to which the proposal meets the purpose and priorities of the Reel Art scheme;
  • The creativity and quality of the project proposal;
  • The track record of the creative team;
  • The provision of equitable conditions and remuneration for artists involved in the project;
  • The demonstrable ability of the team to complete and deliver the project with the available funds (within a total maximum budget of €70-80,000) and within the time-frame allowed (on/before 1 December 2011);
  • The completeness of the application.

Details about the application process, and the entry forms, are available on the web site.

NI Cuts Expected

14th September 2010

The Stage reports that severe cuts to the arts in Northern Ireland are expected to be outlined soon after the Arts Council of Northern Ireland (ACNI) announced a 20% reduction in its spending plans for the coming four years.

Speaking to The Stage, ACNI’s arts development director Noreen McKinney said the outlook was “bleak” with “somewhere between 15 and 20” of its 96 annually funded clients under severe threat, and warned “we may have to find more savings, possibly up to 25% as new facilities come on stream”.

McKinney’s comments come in response to evidence presented to the Northern Ireland Assembly by Deborah Brown, finance director of the Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure, who said that “widespread and unpalatable” funding decisions are inevitable and will have “a very significant impact” on the region’s arts industry.

A 20% reduction will see DCAL’s current allocation of £109 million slashed to £87 million by 2014/15.

“This takes us back to funding levels of 2001 and will have a very negative impact on what we can do. We’ve never experienced a Golden Era in arts funding in Northern Ireland; there has been chronic under-funding at the very lowest level, equating to less than the price of two tickets to the cinema per person.”