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Theatre Artist Residency Scheme

28th July 2010 by Maura McHugh

The deadline for applications for the Arts Council’s Theatre Artist Residency Scheme is 5.30pm Thursday 12 August 2010.

The purpose of this scheme is to offer theatre artists the opportunity to create a year-long work programme in partnership with venues and local authorities. The specific contents of the work programme will be designed by the theatre artist in collaboration with the local authority and/or venue.

The aims of this scheme are:

  • to offer opportunities to theatre artists across the country to engage in a programme of artistic work relevant to their own practice;
  • to offer opportunities to venues and local authorities to develop theatre practice in their area;
  • to encourage the development of long-term planning and sustainability of independent theatre activities;
  • to encourage a co-ordinated approach between key arts providers at local/regional level.

Priority will be given to proposals based on:

  • the relevance of the theatre artist’s track-record/experience to the content of the residency;
  • the clarity of the proposed activities as part of a coherent artistic programme;
  • the extent and quality of engagement with local communities where relevant;
  • the suitability of the artistic and administrative resources available to the residency;
  • the positive level of engagement and reciprocal support between all parties involved in the residency.

This scheme requires the committed support of local authorities and venues to the proposal.

Priority will be given to those applications where Arts Council funding is matched by venues/local authorities.

The maximum amount awarded to each successful application will be €20,000.

Applications must be submitted using the Arts Council’s online services website. More information on guidelines and the submission process are available on the web site.

Galway Arts Festival Earns €19m

28th July 2010 by Maura McHugh

According to a press release on the Arts Council web site, the Galway Arts Festival is on target to repeat the success of last year’s event and contribute €19 million to the local economy.

Arts Council Chairman Pat Moylan said the Galway Arts Festival represented an excellent example of the important financial contribution the arts make to Ireland’s economy. The Arts Council provides funding of €500,000 for the event and more than €2.5 million to the arts in Galway each year.

“The Galway Arts Festival is the defining event in Galway’s cultural calendar with the 2010 festival offering the most exciting, most imaginative explosion of arts yet,” Ms Moylan said.

“The Arts Council is delighted to be associated with such a notable event which is of great importance in terms of economic investment and job creation. We are glad to be able to financially support the event and the broader arts initiatives taking place in Galway every year,” she added.

“The importance of the arts to economic, social and cultural life in the west and to all of Ireland is immeasurable,” Ms Moylan said.

The Galway Arts Festival, which ran from 12 July until 25 July, has become a vital showcase for Irish and international arts over its 32 year history, and is now firmly established as one of the country’s leading arts festivals. Over 150,000 people attend the Festival annually with hundreds of writers, artists, performers and musicians creating theatre, spectacle, street art, music, comedy, literature and music to produce a stunning fortnight of cultural activity and celebration.

The latest Galway Arts Festival has been another success, with organisers estimating from tickets sales and attendance at events throughout the city that its economic impact would match the €19 million measured by studies of the 2009 event.