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Theatre Forum Ireland Conference

3rd June 2010

Registration for the 2010 Theatre Forum Ireland Conference, entitled Resilience and Renewal, taking place on the 17-18 June 2010 in the Wexford Opera House, is now open.

The conference is being curated by International Arts Management Consultant Anne Bonnar and features an array of high profile Irish and international speakers.

“Theatre has been battered and bruised over recent years with cuts in public funding, and the multiple impacts of the recession on audience behaviour and funding. As new forms of interactive engagement develop through digital technology, theatre faces new competition. Theatre faces the challenges of its core business model which depends on the live, real time event, the congregating of audiences in a room and the art and craft of many players, making it less economical and less environmentally friendly than other pursuits…

Last year’s conference was seminal in creating a platform for coordinated action and campaigning. This year, the focus will be on debate and argument, on an interrogation of some of the key issues that the Irish Theatre community needs to face within its membership. To do this, we will welcome colleagues from other nations, including Iceland, Canada and Wales as well as from England and the US to join participants with diverse views from Ireland.”