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27th May 2010 by Maura McHugh

Big Smoke Writing FactoryThe Big Smoke Writing Factory is running a series of workshops that might be of interest to our members, including:

An Introduction to Screenwriting through The Sequence Approach

This weekend course provides an overview of The Sequence Approach to screenwriting. Writers will learn how to shape cinema stories effectively for the greatest effect on the audience. The craft of screenwriting becomes more manageable and enjoyable through the employment of The Sequence Approach.

If you have the kernel of an idea, plan to adapt from another medium or have been struggling with a promising screenplay that hasn’t come together yet, this course will make help to light work of the task ahead of you.

This course will be a mix of lectures, film analysis and q&a. It will include some exercises to help participants see how the approach can apply to works-in-progress. This is designed to make writing participants’ own screenplays easier. It can be taken as a stand-alone or as a foundation to the 10-week Screenwriting Course we will be offering this Autumn.

The course is taking place from 3-4 July, 2010, and will be taught by Mary Kate O Flanagan. The fee is €160.

Drama and Creative Writing: Focus on character and dialogue

Big Smoke Writing Factory is delighted to offer this day long workshop in drama and creative writing, designed and facilitated by one of its founding members, Nicole Rourke. Nicole trained in theatre with Tmu-Na Theatre Company, Tel-Aviv, Israel. She has worked in professional theatre both here and abroad for many years, mainly as an actor but has also experience in writing and directing. On top of this Nicole is highly experienced as both a drama facilitator and a creative writing facilitator – a combination which makes for a very unique workshop experience.

When it comes to telling stories, drama is really where it all begins. After all, we learn to speak and play before we learn to write. Combining the two can help the writer to expand their powers of observation, imagination and language as well as add that dramatic element that may be lacking. This unique workshop brings drama to your writing in an immediate and effective way.

Part 1:

  • Drama exercises and storytelling games to build character and gather ideas. Participants may use this section to further develop characters they are currently working on. (Please note that all the drama exercises are very gentle and nobody will be put on the spot to perform!)
  • Script analysis – Looking at Plotting, Structures, Characterisation, the Rhythms of Language and Dialogue.

Part 2:

  • Creative writing exercises and storyboarding to further develop ideas, storylines and characters.

Throughout the day each workshop participant will be immersed in a range of ideas and exercises designed to further develop their writing skills. This course is suitable for anyone with previous writing experience. With regard to the drama element, no experience is necessary.

Tea and biscuits will be provided by Big Smoke. There will be a break for lunch, also provided by Big Smoke.

The course is taking place on the 10th of July, and will be taught by Nicole Rourke. The fee is €100.

Information on these courses and others is available from the web site and can be paid for online.

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