Arts Funding Cuts

4th February 2010

The Stage reports that the Arts Council has cut the funding of the Abbey Theatre by over €1 million.

This is part of the Arts Council’s budget cuts due to its reduction in funds in the recent budget from €73.35 million in 2009 to €69.15 million for 2010.

Overall theatre funding for the year has been cut from €16,311,000 to €13,327,000. The Abbey takes the largest share of that – its allocation has been reduced from €8.35 million last year to a current figure of €7.25 million. Opera also loses, with funding cut from €3.9 million to €3.6 million, as do dance and music.

As part of the regional emphasis, both local arts and festivals and events each receives funding of over €2 million, though that is less than last year. Street arts and spectacle, as well as circus, also win financial support, though again at a reduced level. In all, 313 companies face funding cuts, with just 24 having the same level of financial support as last year.

However, the council did have some good news to announce: it has established a new fund for touring and has reduced its overall administrative budget by 30% from its 2008 level.

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