Storyland 2010

11th December 2009 by Maura McHugh

RTÉ has announced the six finalists for its new Storyland webisode competition. The first episode of each series will air on the 29 January, 2010.

There is no information on the Storyland web site about the writers and directors of these pieces, merely the names of production companies. I’ll update this entry when I discover those facts.

Written and directed by Jason Butler & Brendan Butler. Produced by Brothers Gonna Work it Out Ltd.
“Meat is Murder (But Also Delicious)”

Daily Strife
Written and directed by Cecilia McAllister. Produced by Poca Productions.
“All Glenn wants to do it change his life and leave his wife but daily strife keeps getting in the way.”

Written by Steven Stubbs and co-directed by Stubbs and Ray Sullivan. Produced by Eekreb Films Ltd.
“Mariana is a normal, happy, ambitious woman. She’s also a 400 year old vampire.”

Star Feck!
Written by Gemma Creagh and directed by Kevin McCann. Produced by Maccana Teoranta.
“Feck it into Space. A Cavan Space crew (one half Monaghan) and a three foot alien called Romtox have a cargo to feck into Space…”

We Own The Streets
From Chutney Films Ltd
“There comes a time when you have to stop running.”

Zombie Bashers
Written by Stephen Shields and directed by Conor McMahon. Produced by Tailored Films Ltd.
“Don’t get eaten; our prices can’t be beaten!”

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