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Dublin Film Fringe

18th December 2009

The online forum is taking submissions for the inaugural festival, the Dublin Film Fringe.

Short film entries should be:

  • Under 20 minutes long – the shorter the better!
  • Made in the previous 2 years
  • Made in Ireland and/or by Irish filmmakers
  • Be submitted on DVD with the completed application form. You should send in a DVD copy of your film for preview purposes and also a Quicktime/AVI of the film on disc.
  • When projecting the selected films we will be playing the films from a hard drive or a DVD compilation and supplying the Quicktime/AVI file of the film will help preserve the quality of your film. Please use a common codec to encode your Quicktime/AVI version of your film. H-264 / DV PAL / etc.
  • If you are unable to obtain a Quicktime/AVI version of the film we can pull your film from the DVD copy but this will result in a drop in quality.

The closing date for submissions is January 23rd 2010.

If you like to volunteer to work on the festival go to the forum thread on how you can get involved.