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Online Short Film Competition

21st July 2009

The European Commission in conjunction with the Darklight Festival are running a Democracy & Dialogue Short Online Film Competition.

What does democracy mean to you? When did you last vote? In a general election? The referendum? Or was it last Saturday night, choosing a pub with your mates?

The European Commission Representation in Ireland and the Darklight Film Festival invite you to make a short online film on the theme of ‘Democracy & Dialogue’ – and what it means to you.

Twenty years ago, the Berlin Wall fell and the people of Eastern Europe finally got to enjoy greater democracy and freedom of speech. With this in mind, we are holding this competition as a celebration of democracy.

2009 is also the European Year of Creativity and Innovation – a celebration of how ideas can change society. Online media is a powerful force in the 21st Century: using the internet as a forum for debate, individuals can bypass the established press, TV and radio, and let the power of their ideas make change.

Entries must be submitted by email by the 11th of September. Information on how to apply is available on the web site.

To support the event there will be a free workshop on viral video making and distribution on Saturday 8th August. Attendees must register for a place via the web site.

Funding Dependent on Touring

21st July 2009

The Stage reports that in the future the Irish Arts Council will require its funded companies to tour.

The strategy, to be implemented over the next six years, is intended “to ensure that regional audiences have access to high quality art forms”.

The council says its new policy will be based on four elements
  • Schemes that offer once-off funding for individual touring projects in specified art forms
  • Technical supports aimed at improving the work of production companies and assisting venues.
  • Ensuring that touring is undertaken by selected production companies “as an integral part of their funding relationship with the Arts Council”.
  • Ensuring a proportion of Arts Council funding of regional venues is used to present a programme of professional touring work.

Emphasising the importance it attaches to the new strategy, the council says it “will allocate financial resources to support the policy of touring in relation to its overall resources”. But those resources were reduced by almost 10% in the state allocation for this year, from €204m to €185m, and face the likelihood of further cuts because of strains on the national finances.

Theatrical Strategies

21st July 2009

Theatre Forum is organising a meeting on Tuesday 28 July in the Peacock Theatre in Dublin to tackle strategies for theatre in tough economic times.

It is open to members and non-members alike, but please RSVP to theatreforum[at] if you wish to attend.

Here is a rough schedule:

14.30 – 15.00

15.00 – 15.30
The Big Picture, Chaired by Fergal McGrath, Town Hall Theatre Galway

15.30 – 16:45
Divide into three groups with different provocative questions and facilitators:

- How to keep productivity up and what collaborative activities might assist. Chaired by Una Carmody, Director Arts Audience

- The Arts Council could be looking at a cut of between 25 – 50% for 2010. If this the figure is possible, and given the theatre discussion document, what are the best five pieces of advice the sector can give the Arts Council? Chaired by Fergal McGrath, Town Hall Theatre Galway

- Funded and Unfunded – how to work together, Chaired by Jo Mangan, Performance Corporation and Cian O’Brien, Rough Magic Theatre Company

16:45 – 17:15
Reconvene to collect conclusions and recommendations