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The Hugh Leonard Award 2009

17th June 2009

Dún Laoghaire Rathdown County Council is looking for submissions for The Hugh Leonard Award 2009.

The award is open to mid-career scriptwriters who are residents or citizens of Ireland. The award consists of a bursary of €5,000 and the production of a rehearsed reading of one of the writer’s scripts at From the Mountains to the Sea, DLR Literary Festival in September 2009.

A budget of €5,000 will cover the production of the rehearsed reading, which will be managed by DLR Arts with significant input from the selected recipient of the award. The successful applicant will need to be available from the 8th – 12th September for the rehearsed reading.

Selection will be made by way of an open submission competition.

Applicants will submit 3 copies of the following:

  • A typed curriculum vitae (maximum 3 pages)
  • Publications, programmes or published articles
  • Typed expression of interest to include
  • A short paragraph stating reasons for applying
  • A short description of the benefits of the award to his/her stage of development as a scriptwriter
  • Details of which script the writer would like to nominate for the rehearsed reading (this can be a new or previously published/performed work)

Please ensure that all submitted materials are clearly marked with the writer’s name.

Closing date for applications is 4pm on Friday 17th July.

Interviews may be held in early August for short-listed applicants if deemed necessary by the selection panel.

Criteria for selection

  • Artistic merit and distinctiveness of proposal
  • Quality of previous work
  • Suitability of the script for a rehearsed reading

Applications to be submitted to:
Carolyn Brown,
Senior Arts Administrator,
Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council,
Moran Park House,
Queen’s Road,
Dun Laoghaire,
Co Dublin. Fringe

17th June 2009

The forum is proposing to host a Fleadh Fringe screening in Galway on the evening of Friday 10th July of the Galway Film Fleadh.

What we need are short films. The theme of the mini-festival is “The ones that got away” – that is films that were entered in the Galway Film Fleadh this year but for some unexplainable oversight weren’t including the the main festival.

I will ask everyone to send me a DVD with their film (Quicktime files preferred) and if they have it a copy of their rejection letter.

We aren’t closing it off to only “rejected” films so if you have a gem that should be seen send it in. Rejection letters from other festivals will also be accepted.

More information on where to send the films, and other details about the fringe event, are available on the forum boards.

Theatre Live! for Older Women

17th June 2009

The Stage reports that of the six plays that have been written for the new live theatre series for Sky Arts, called Theatre Live!, three of them feature an all-women cast, and many of the roles call for older actresses.

At least one of the writers, the debut playwright Kate Mosse, said she was inspired to focus her play on a group of women over 50, after reading about the current campaign to highlight the lack of opportunities for older female performers.

“I have noticed a lot of pieces in the paper about people saying older women don’t get cast, and then lots of people coming back saying, ‘We really would if people were writing stuff for older women that isn’t just somebody’s granny or whatever’,” she said. “I realised when I came to thinking about the play that it is a really good point. You can’t cast older women if people are not writing for them. So I decided to deliberately write for women in their late fifties.”

She added: “I thought this is my chance to write a piece actively for older women, who are not there as somebody’s grandmother or because they have Alzheimer’s. They are just women who are older.”

ITV May Get License Fee

17th June 2009

The BBC reports that under proposals in the British government’s Digital Britain report there are plans to divert 3.5% of the television license fee to ITV and other public service broadcasters from 2013.

The BBC Trust has come out against the government’s proposals, saying removing part of the licence fee would “damage BBC output”.

Trust chairman Sir Michael Lyons said it “must not become a slush fund to be dipped into at will”.

“This would lead to the licence fee being seen as another form of general taxation. The trust will not sit quietly by and watch this happen,” he added.

Lord Carter, author of the Digital Britain report, said that a proposed merger between BBC Worldwide – the corporation’s commercial arm – and Channel 4 would not be “a forced marriage”, but that the government “would be ready to facilitate it”.

Referring to a consultation, he said the government would not be “running a referendum on it” but would take the views of licence fee payers into account.

Channel 4’s chief executive Andy Duncan welcomed the report, saying it “offers crystal clear acknowledgement of Channel 4’s vital role in ensuring public service competition to the BBC”.