Google Settlement Seminar

28th May 2009

CLÉ is offering an information seminar on the Google Book Settlement Deal on Friday 29th May at 2pm in the Royal Irish Academy, 19 Dawson Street, Dublin 2.

How many hours have you now spent trying to figure out the Google Settlement? Opt in? Opt out? Feel informed enough to make the decision? Informed enough to advise your authors? Informed enough to answer their questions?

This is the kind of issue where talking with each other and listening to experts can save you oodles of time and brain power! Dedicate the afternoon of 29th May to sorting this baby out!

Sam Holman, ICLA, Olga Martin Sancho, FEP, and Fergal Tobin, Gill & Macmillan, Vice-President FEP and CLÉ representative to FEP and IPA, will discuss the important aspects of the settlement and consider the various decisions available to Irish publishers and stakeholders and their consequences. The floor will also be open to questions and discussion.

This event is open to all but registration is compulsory, please RSVP to Brendan at

SAMANTHA HOLMAN is the CEO of the Irish Copyright Licensing Agency which represents authors’ and publishers’ rights in relation to reprography. Samantha is also on two national voluntary boards, the Copyright Association of Ireland and the Irish Visual Artists’ Rights Organisation.

OLGA MARTIN SANCHO is a qualified lawyer and is currently working as the legal advisor of the Federation of European Publishers, focusing particularly on EU copyright issues. Her main areas of expertise are Protection of Intellectual and Industrial Property in the EU and in the WIPO, Competition Law, and European and German Media Law.

FERGAL TOBIN (CHAIR) is Vice President of the Federation of European Publishers. Fergal has been the Publishing Director of Gill & Macmillan since 1995 and has published, among many books, the monumental Encyclopaedia of Ireland. Fergal also served as President of CLÉ from 2002 to 2004.

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  • Michael W. says:

    I was delighted to hear of this seminar and wish I could be there. In late April, I was one of seven authors (or their representatives) who petitioned the Manhattan court overseeing the lawsuit. The court listen to our request and ordered a four-month delay in the settlement timetable. We did that so events like this one could take place. Writers, we felt, needed more time to make up their minds.

    For those who’d like more information, I’ve set up a web page with legal documents and links to recent news stories.

    Although I live in Seattle, the web page’s primary focus is on developments in Europe.

    A suggestion: It’d be great if a video and audio of this event could be posted online for all those who can’t attend in person.

    –Michael W. Perry

  • Maura McHugh says:

    Thanks Michael. This is the second seminar that’s been organised in the last few weeks here in Ireland about the Deal. We’ve been trying to alert our members, and other writers in Ireland, about the possible ramifications.

    You probably heard already but the American libraries are weighing in about the Deal, and highlighting their concerns. You can read about the story here:

    It’s my suspicion that the Deal is not going to remain as it stands. There are now too many groups positioning themselves against it. Well, we shall see.

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