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Storyland Redux

27th April 2009

Voting has opened in the second round of RTÉ’s Storyland competition.

The second episodes of seven web series are now available for viewing:

  • Happy Slapper
  • Hardy Bucks
  • Jenny was a Friend of Mine
  • Psych Ward
  • Pubworld
  • Rental Boys
  • Running Low

Voting closes at 5pm Monday 4th May, and will determine which shows progress to round three.

NI Playwright Shifts Focus

27th April 2009

Northern Irish screenwriter and playwright Darragh Carville was interviewed in The Guardian yesterday about his forthcoming play, This Other City.

He believes that it is time for Northern Irish writers to tackle new stories about the post-Troubles Northern Ireland.

“It seemed to me that the stories of the new Northern Ireland were not being told,” he said. “I just thought that the world of the new city, of swanky apartment blocks, of coffee shops and the new culture was not being reflected in terms of theatre and film. I was writing a play about two years ago and suddenly realised I was writing a Northern Ireland of the past, a drama about the Troubles’ aftermath. I said, ‘Hold on – I’ve written this before.’

“It’s unquestionable that the place, especially Belfast, has changed massively. No one is saying the Troubles have completely disappeared – recent events have underlined that – but this society is being reborn. These glass towers looming over the skyline symbolise how it has changed fundamentally.”

Carville later clarified that he doesn’t believe drama focused on the Troubles is redundant: “It would be wrong as a culture to repress what happened in the past and pretend it never existed, but there is room for other stories.”

McNally and O’Halloran

27th April 2009

Tony Award-winning playwright Terrence McNally will be in conversation with Irish award-winning playwright Mark O’Halloran as part of the sixth Absolut Dublin Gay Theatre Festival, which runs in Dublin City Centre venues from May 4th to 17th.

The two playwrights will converse for an hour in the studio theatre at Outhouse, 105 Capel Street, on Wednesday April 29th at 6.30pm. All are Welcome.

Seating is limited. To reserve a place email

Linehan Bags BAFTA

27th April 2009

Irish screenwriter Graham Linehan last night won the BAFTA Television Award for Situation Comedy for The IT Crowd series, which he created and wrote.