Learn to Podcast

24th March 2009

Filmbase are organising a free information session on the art of the Podcasting, at their premises in Temple Bar, Dublin, at 10.30am, on Wednesday 1st April.

The session will show how podcasting can be used as a learning tool by filmmakers and artists, and how filmmakers can use podcasting to distribute their own content online.

Topics to be covered will include:

  • What is podcasting?
  • Trends in the use of podcasting by artists: how music and video is being distributed online by bands.
  • Trends in the use of podcasting by teachers: learning online using podcasting, with specific reference to online post production tutorials for filmmakers.
  • Trends in the use of podcasting by organisations such as art galleries and film festivals.
  • Online distribution methods for podcasts.
  • Technical aspects of podcast distribution & preparing content for the web.

Session Facilitator:
The session will be led by multimedia producer and filmmaker John Callaghan. John produces and directs short films, music videos and mini documentaries. He also runs the successful video podcast site www.TheBubble.ie and is co-owner of the video production company Mercury Boy. John also releases his own work under the name Cal-TV.

If you would like to register an interest in attending this session please email your full name and contact details to events[AT]filmbase.ie.

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