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UK Writers’ Studio

3rd March 2009 by Maura McHugh

The Stage reports that the former head of drama at Channel 4, Gub Neal, has formed a US-style writers’ studio called Artists Studio.

“Artists Studio is the UK’s first writers-driven studio. It aims to nurture and empower established talents in a supportive environment and develop their potential producing skills. We hope this innovative approach will bridge the gap between the writer’s vision and what eventually appears on screen,” Neal said.

He added: “We are starting with a dozen or so established writers on a non-exclusive contract, so they are free to work with their other contacts too. In time we hope to encourage a new generation of showrunners into the industry.”

If a writer’s project is commissioned, Artists Studio will work with the writer to produce the show, or help find a suitable production company to do so.

Dublin Book Festival 09

3rd March 2009 by Maura McHugh

Organised by CLÉ – Irish Book Publishers’ Association – the Dublin Book Festival will take place from Friday 6th – Sunday 8th March 2009 in Dublin’s City Hall, Dame Street, Dublin 2.

There will be a variety of readings, forums, discussions, workshops, and seminars (in English and Irish) taking place during the weekend.