Script Analysis in Galway

3rd February 2009 by Maura McHugh

The Galway Film Centre is offering a Script Reading and Analysis Course taught by Paula Mulroe, former head of development at the Film Board and senior script editor on The Clinic.

This course is aimed at interested graduates or practitioners in the industry who want to learn how scripts are evaluated professionally by funding organisations and production companies. It will help to give participants a strong insight into why certain scripts are chosen for funding over others. It could also act as a building block towards becoming a script editor.

The course takes place over 4 sessions (4 Saturdays), with the aim of each session being to provide the participants with sufficient knowledge to be able to write reports and analyse screenplays for professional organisations and companies.

In each session, participants will learn about a particular area for analysis by reading scripts and also watching individual films. Each week, they will be asked to write a report on a script taking on board the professional criteria outlined above and will be given feedback on their reports.

The course will take place at the Galway Film Centre on each Saturday from February 28th – March 28th (no class St Patrick’s Weekend). Places are limited so early booking is advised. For details on how to apply visit the web site.

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