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The Emotional Toolbox

22nd October 2008

FÁS Screen Training Ireland is organising a course on The Emotional Toolbox – Creating Successful Television Drama, Online Series and Feature Films.

Writing Consultant Laurie Hutzler examines the emotional content of a television, online or film project and analyses how the production succeeds or fails in connecting with its audiences. Starting with an experiential exercise, she progresses, in stages, to help writers, producers and executives clarify the emotional bond between characters and the audience. The starting point of Laurie’s programme is the Character MapTM, which provides an accurate litmus test of the emotional experience in any creative project. Laurie Hutzler helps content creators get to the heart of the story.

The course will cover the following:

  • Principles of the Emotional Toolbox, including character types
  • Creating a character map
  • Sharpening character focus and strengthening ensembles
  • Strengthening a character’s function in the ensemble
  • Emotion and storytelling
  • Balance and diversity in an ensemble to create dynamism
  • Transitioning and repositioning characters
  • Creating stories from the ensemble: allies and enemies
  • Balancing guest stories and serial stories
  • Keeping characters relevant
  • Interactivity with the audience.

The course will take place on 17 — 18 November, 2008 at Adelaide Chambers, Peter St, Dublin 8, and costs €150.00.

Apply online on the web site. The deadline for applications is Thursday 6th November 2008.

Writer applicants can also email a synopsis for a TV drama, online series or feature for optional one-to-one meetings with Laurie on the 19th November. Places are limited so one-to-ones will be scheduled on a first-come basis.