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Budget Changes

16th October 2008

Bord Scannan na hÉireann/the Irish Film Board has commented on the Irish government’s 2009 budget, which brought a 12% reduction in the IFB’s funding.

James Morris, Chairman, Bord Scannan na hÉireann/the Irish Film Board said:

“The Budget announcement of a reduction in the Irish Film Board’s funding for 2009 masks the real increases in the agency’s funding in 2005, 2006 and 2007, which have been retained for next year. In the current economic climate the retention of funding to the level of 2007 indicates the importance placed by the Minister and the Department of Arts Sport and Tourism on supporting the Irish film and television production sector. The Board will be prioritizing its investments into production activity levels in 2009 and on this basis expects to maintain the current levels of production.”

“In the context of the reduction in direct industry funding, the Irish Film Board’s submission to the Minister for Arts Sport and Tourism to seek specific enhancements to Section 481 is of particular importance. The submission focuses on enhancements that would significantly restore Ireland’s competitive edge as a location for international film production, generating economic activity well in excess of any cost incurred. In this regard discussions are on going between the Department of Arts Sport and Tourism and the Department of Finance with a final outcome expected with the publication of the Finance Bill in November.”

Whilst the Government’s 2009 Budget focused on creating new business and enterprise, this year IFB-funded film and television projects contributed an estimated total of over €70 million to the Irish economy, showing a significant return on government investment in this sector. The industry continues to provide local jobs and sustained international investment to the economy. A wide range of feature film productions filmed in counties all across Ireland bringing much needed expenditure to local business in regional areas and promoting Irish culture to international audiences around the world.

Media NI Closes

16th October 2008

Northern Ireland Screen has announced that Media Service Northern Ireland will close down this month.

From November 1st the UK MEDIA Desk based at the UK Film Council in London will assume the promotion of the MEDIA Programme and provide advice to the professionals based in Northern Ireland.

NI Shorts

16th October 2008

Northern Ireland Screen, in conjunction with the UK Film Council, have announced their new Digital Shorts Scheme 2008/09 in Northern Ireland.

There are three different sources of funding:

Digital Shorts

*Eight projects will be selected from writer/director and writer and director teams to go through an initial development process starting in December 2008.
* Applicants can submit up to three projects for consideration under the Digital Shorts Scheme.
* Four films of up to ten minutes in duration will be selected in February 2009 to go into production in May 2009.
* The production budget for a Digital Short film is £10,000. A production company will be attached to the four projects through the production process.
* Final delivery will take place in August 2009.
* The deadline for entries to Digital Shorts is Friday 14 November 2008.

Digital Nation (formerly Digital Shorts Plus)

* Digital Nation invites applications from writers, directors and writer/directors who are ready to make the leap to more ambitious cinematic short films.
* Following the Digital Shorts interviews, the UK Film Council and Northern Ireland Screen will select filmmakers to be put forward for the Digital Nation talent pool.
* In March 2009 the UK Film Council will select the filmmakers who will participate in the Digital Nation talent pool.
* The UK Film Council will select up to 28 filmmakers or up to 2 filmmakers from each region or nation.
* The budget for a Digital Nation film will be between £18,000 and £20,000.
* The deadline for entries to Digital Nation is Friday 14 November 2008.

4Mations Animated Digital Shorts Scheme

* 4mations Digital Shorts will open for applications on 10th October and close on the 10th November.
* Short-listed applicants will need to be available for interview in London on Monday 8 December 2008 at 12pm.
* If you are an animator then you should apply to that scheme through the 4mations website

Application forms and more information are available from the web site.