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Favourite Irish TV

8th September 2008

The RTÉ Guide is running a survey of its readers to establish Ireland’s Favourite 100 TV Shows of All Time. People can register their preferences online.

The closing date for entries is midday on the 17th of September.

Venice Awards 2008

8th September 2008

At the weekend the Venice Film Festival Awards 2008 were handed out.

The Wrestler, written by Robert D. Siegel and directed by Darren Aronofsky, won The Golden Lion.

The Special Jury Prize went to Teza, which was written and directed by Haile Gerima. Gerima also won the Best Screenplay award.

Hunger, which was co-written by Steve McQueen and Edna Walsh, and directed by Steve McQueen, won the Gucci Group Award.

A full list of all the awards can be viewed here.

Hogg at Light House

8th September 2008

On Wednesday, the 10th of September at 6.45pm, the Light House Cinema in Dublin is showing a special preview of Unrelated, the new film written and directed by Joanna Hogg.

Joanna Hogg will be in attendance at the screening and will introduce the film. Afterward Joanna will participate in a Q&A session with the audience, facilitated by writer and critic Mary Rose Doorly.