Strike.TV Coming Soon

8th July 2008

According to Backstage a new online network, called Strike.TV, will launch this summer. Professional TV and film screenwriters set up the network during this winter’s Hollywood writers’ strike. It plans on going on air with 40 shortform programs, which will include comedies, dramas and a game show. There will be serials, as well as standalone shows.

Participating writers include Lester Lewis (“The Office”), Rob Kutner (“The Daily Show With Jon Stewart”), Stephen E. de Souza (“Die Hard”), Karen Harris (“General Hospital”) and Ron Corcillo (“Malcolm in the Middle”).

The impetus for the online network came from writers who wanted to generate revenue for out-of-work colleagues. To that end, Strike.TV pledges to donate the first three months of ad revenue to the Entertainment Assistance Program of the Actors Fund.

However, is also intended to become a profitable venture in its own right, allowing participating writers to own their intellectual property. Its creators also anticipate it could be an alternative to the studio system as well as a breeding ground for programming that studios could co-opt.

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