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DCTV On the Air

18th July 2008

Dublin Community Television (DCTV), Ireland’s first democratically run, advert-free TV channel officially switched on at 1pm on July 16th 2008.

DCTV is broadcasting 24-hours-a-day at Channel 802 on the Chorus ntl digital cable network, reaching 200,000 households across Dublin, Limerick, Cork, Galway and Waterford.

Programmes for DCTV are created and produced by a variety of sources:

  • DCTV itself.
  • Not-for-profit TV production companies, such as NEAR TV Productions in Coolock.
  • Other DCTV member organisations, such as Aontas (adult education), Cultivate (sustainable living), Project (arts); NALA (adult literacy).
  • Individual members of DCTV.

DCTV assists members and member organisations to secure funding from the Sound and Vision fund, which is generated from the TV licence fee and administered by the Broadcasting Commission of Ireland (BCI). The Sound and Vision fund is a grant scheme designed to support the production of new television and radio programmes in the areas of Irish culture, heritage and experience and adult literacy

About DCTV
DCTV was awarded Ireland’s first Community Television licence in May 2006 and has been broadcasting on a pilot basis since September 2007 on the Chorus ntl digital cable network. The station is run by a not-for-profit, democratic co-operative, of which membership is open to all both individuals and not-for-profit organisations. The station is controlled by its members, and most of the programming is created and produced by members.