26th June 2008

SÍOL is a new initiative aimed at writers/directors to develop a script that will be broadcast as a part of a drama series on TG4. SÍOL will give 6 writers or writer/directors from the Gaeltacht, or those similarly fluent in Irish, the opportunity to write, develop, and produce a television script.

SÍOL is open to all Irish writers nationwide, whether they have experience writing for television or not, and to directors who wish to gain experience in TV drama.

The central theme will be Family. This can be a general reading of the word and not necessarily the traditional nuclear family.

Six proposals will be chosen from the submissions. The selected writers and directors will participate in a series of writer/director master classes before bringing the series to production and broadcast.

Application forms, guidelines, and further information are all available on the web site. The closing date for script entries is 13th August 2008.

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