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Universal Loss

5th June 2008

According to the LA Times the recent devastating fire at Universal Studios in Hollywood has destroyed hundreds of classic 35-millimeter film prints. The original masters were safe in their vault in Philadelphia, but it takes $5,000 and several months to produce just one quality print. The studio had not yet assessed the total nature of its loss, but it’s likely to affect several upcoming screenings of classic films at museums, festivals, and theatres.

The fire also ruined 5% of Universal Music Group’s recordings: mostly big band and jazz recordings on the Decca label, and video copies of Universal movies and television shows. Universal Music Group is no longer part of the NBC, but it rents storage space from the studio.

Abbey Progress

5th June 2008

The Stage reports that the Irish government has awarded a €450,000 contract to British theatre consultants Charcoalblue to advise on the planning and building of the new Abbey in Dublin’s docklands.

According to a spokesman for the Office of Public Works, which has charge of the project, the competition details are still being finalised. He was unable to say when that part of the project would be completed, but felt the appointment of the consultants would speed up matters.

The lengthy delay has reopened the controversy over the location of the new Abbey, with some critics urging the government to look again at the Carlton site on O’Connell Street, where a major development is about to get under way, and which many feel would be a more suitable home for a national theatre.

There have also been concerns about the impact of the credit crunch on the project. The theatre is to be built under a public/private partnership arrangement, aimed at limiting state expenditure. But some developers have been pulling out of such schemes, citing the changed economic climate.

However, in awarding the Charcoalblue contract, the government is seen as signalling it is confident the project will go ahead.

New Romanian Cinema

5th June 2008

The IFI in Temple Bar, Dublin, in conjunction with the Embassy of Romania, Dublin, and the Romanian Cultural Institute, is running a season of New Romanian Cinema at the IFI from June 6 – 15.