New Irish TV Channel?

29th April 2008 by Maura McHugh

The Irish Film Board (IFB) has announced a proposal for a new Irish television channel that will be dedicated to broadcasting the best of Irish, European and World Cinema. It has already been sent to the Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources for inclusion in the new Broadcasting Bill, which will be launched by Minister Eamonn Ryan next month.

The proposed new channel will provide Irish audiences with an opportunity to view award winning independent Irish, European and World Cinema in prime time TV slots. It is envisaged that the new channel will be a non commercial, free to air service, available to all Irish households and to be included as part of the new multi channel digital transmission system that will eventually replace the existing 4 channel system.

The channel will fill a gap by providing a platform for Irish films and for award-winning European and World cinema that Irish audiences rarely have the opportunity to see or know about. Irish films screening on the channel are likely to have completed their own commercial cycle through theatrical, DVD and mainstream TV outlets before appearing on the film channel.

The channel will also build key strategic relationships with Irish film festivals, local film societies, schools, third level colleges and universities. The morning schedules will introduce students to new Irish and European cinema and will screen a programme of films that will complement the national syllabus and third level studies.

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