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Grindhouse at IFI

18th April 2008

The IFI in Dublin in conjunction with Horrothon are hosting the only Irish screenings of Grindhouse: the double bill of Robert Rodriguez’s zombie flick Planet Terror with Quentin Tarantino’s revenge b-movie Death Proof.

The decision to separate the two halves of Grindhouse for individual European release was a spectacularly misjudged one, essentially negating the purpose of the exercise while depriving audiences of a series of hysterical faux movie trailers buffering the main features (and worth the price of admission alone), courtesy of Rob (The Devil’s Rejects) Zombie, Edgar (Hot Fuzz) Wright, Eli (Hostel) Roth and Rodriguez himself. The Heaven’s Gate of the Miramax generation? A natural born cult classic? Or both?

You can watch Grindhouse on Saturday the 19th of April and Sunday the 20th of April in the IFI in Temple Bar, Dublin.

Web to TV

18th April 2008

The Stage reports that the online drama Sofia’s Diary will become the first UK-produced web show to make the transition to television after being signed by Fiver.

Fiver director of programmes Hannah Barnes described the deal as an “exciting broadcasting first in the UK”.

She added: “Quality programming for 16-24s is booming on the internet, and our decision to showcase Sofia’s Diary shows our commitment to 16-24s, which is part of our wider strategy in building a further connection with this group.”

Sofia’s Diary, produced by Campbell Ryan Productions, launched on Bebo on March 14 this year and attracted five million viewers in its first two weeks online.

It follows 17-year-old Sofia Taylor, played by newcomer Rachel Hyde-Harvey, and charts her ups and downs as she adjusts to a new life in London living with her dad, step mum and baby step-brother.

Writers on the show include Danny Stack, and Marta Gomes.

Danny Stack is an Irish screenwriter working in the UK.