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New Irish Comedy Sought

7th April 2008

IFTN reports that Irish producer Adrian Devane of 2000AD Productions is looking for new Irish comedy scripts.

“What we are looking for are commercial, funny, character driven scripts,” says Devane. “We have been approached by a well known studio in Los Angeles to find and co-produce a great comedy script by an Irish based writer. I have read over sixty scripts in the last four years from Irish based writers, three were good, and none of them are writing good comedy.”

The new comedy scripts should be copyright protected by the writer, written in the proper script format and be between 90 and 100 pages. The films should be funny, commercial and aimed towards a production budget between $6-8million. Devane suggests titles like ‘Juno’, ‘Little Miss Sunshine’, ‘The Wedding Crashers’, ‘American Pie’ and ‘The Wedding Singer’ as a guide to the type of films he is looking to produce.

“If anyone feels that they can’t write a script but have a good idea then put a synopsis or treatment together and send that in but we are more looking for scripts that are fairly close to shooting,” states Devane. “The best advice I can give is to ask yourself three questions; ‘Will your script or idea make money to cover the cost of its production? Would you go and see it? Does it make you laugh when you read it? If you are unsure of any of those three answers then forget it, you are in the wrong business.”