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New BBC Script Online

3rd April 2008

The BBC Writers Room continues to put out television scripts for writers to read. The most recent is the first episode from their series Ashes to Ashes.

Almodovar Blogs Film

3rd April 2008

Pedro Almodovar is blogging about the creation of his new film Broken Hugs. It can be viewed in Spanish, French and English and will offer a mixture of pictures and videos, as well as the writer/director’s commentary on the process of drafting and shooting the film.

Every 1’s a Critic

3rd April 2008

Every 1’s a Critic was formed in 2008 by award-winning producers Declan Hill and Simon Wright, and its aim is to provide a platform for new comedy writing. The company is currently looking for funny Sitcoms scripts that can be staged, i.e. simple staging, minimal costume and lighting changes etc., and are only 15 minutes long.

If you have 15 mins of brilliantly witty, original and stageable material email it to: by August 15th.