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Short Shorts 2008

26th February 2008 by Maura McHugh

The Irish Film Board has issued its call for submissions for its Short Shorts scheme.

The new deadline for this scheme is Friday, April 18th 2008.

The successful scheme, which will fund up to seven, 3-5 minute films aims to encourage the making of ultra short films which are innovative, provocative or in some other way risky and rule-breaking.

In order to update this established scheme, it has been modified so that films now have to conform to a particular genre. This year the shorts, whether live-action or animated, should now ‘tell a story’ within the genre of musicals. This does not include, however, music videos. It is hoped that having the shorts packaged together under this specific genre will allow the IFB to market the Short Shorts more effectively.

Details about the application process are on the web site.