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Actors Boycott Globes

7th January 2008 by Maura McHugh

The BBC reports that the Screen Actors’ Guild (SAG) in the USA has decided to boycott the forthcoming Golden Globes Awards to support the continuing WGA strike.

Union president Alan Rosenberg said there was “unanimous agreement” not to cross picket lines set up by writers who are on strike over royalties.

The Golden Globes, awarded to actors in television and film, are second in prestige only to the Oscars.

Without top actors present, TV networks may not bother to screen the event.

It appears that the Oscars ceremony is under threat also, if the strike is not resolved in the coming months.

Update: The Golden Globes ceremony has been cancelled and will be replaced by a a press conference and scaled-back red carpet event.

Critics Vote for Garage

7th January 2008 by Maura McHugh

RTÉ reports that Garage, written by Mark O’Halloran and directed by Leonard Abrahamson has been named Best Irish Film of 2007 by the Dublin Film Critics Circle. Second and third place went to Once and Kings respectively.

08 Galway Script Awards

7th January 2008 by Maura McHugh

The Deadline for the 2008 RTE/GFC Short Script Awards is 5pm Monday 28th January 2008.

The Short Script Awards are open to emerging filmmakers with original scripts that display a strong cinematic vision and a fresh Irish perspective. We welcome applications for films up to 15 minutes.

Designed to promote filmmaking throughout the regions, the scheme is open to filmmakers from all over Ireland. Three awards will be allocated from a total production fund of €30,000 with use of the facilities of Galway Film Centre a key constituent of these awards.