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Garage Wins Again

3rd December 2007

The Film Board reports that Garage, written by Mark O’Halloran and directed by Lenny Abrahamson, won the Best Film award at the Turin Film Festival in Italy, a prize that is worth €25,000.

The film also scooped the Jury Award at the Festival de Chatenay Malabry and the Grand Prix and Students Award at the Festival Cinessone in France last month.


3rd December 2007

The L.A. Times recently suggested that the strike in the USA could prompt people to take on the mantle of writer-entrepreneur.

Writer Guild members, listen up. There is a lesson here. Just ask Tony Gilroy, the writer-director of “Michael Clayton,” a nervy thriller that’s won critical raves this fall. Gilroy had a script that was dead in the water until a total outsider — a Boston real estate developer named Steve Samuels — said if Gilroy could get a star and stick to a budget, he’d bankroll the film.

Gilroy didn’t see himself as an entrepreneur. He just had a script that was burning a hole in his pocket. “I’d say the experience was more about my wising up than becoming a visionary,” he explained the other day. “But the moment I started chasing private-equity money, it didn’t take me long before I’d realized that I’d short-circuited the formula for getting a greenlight. I didn’t need studio approval. All I needed was one guy who believed in the movie.”

Gilroy is now a convert. “The studios have got to be hoping that this idea about being entrepreneurs doesn’t sweep over the TV show runners, because once you start seeing really good production values on the Internet, I mean, what does Larry David really need HBO for? This is all everybody is talking about on the line. They’re not talking about healthcare. They’re going, ‘Wow, is there a different way to get our movies and TV shows made?’ “