First Virtual Musical

2nd August 2007 by Maura McHugh

Further evidence that we live in a science fictional world is supplied with an article by The Stage that informs us that the first online musical–Joined at the Heart–will be staged in the Internet-based virtual world, Second Life. The production will be streamed live on August 4 at 7.30pm, and any of the seven million “residents” of the system will be able to watch it.

Mark Duffy, 3D manager of Fusion Unity, told The Stage: “It [Second Life] is a business tool – this proves it. People from all around the world can attend a premiere or a launch event, and actually be able to see it without invitations, travel or costs. This is the first musical to be streamed, and it just shows what is possible.

“You can log in, see the play and see people’s reaction to it. They will be able to turn round at the end and say it was a classic, or it was rubbish, and you’ll get that interaction the same way you would with an audience.”

Joined at the Heart is an original musical by Graham Brown and Geoff Meads, based on Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. In the real world, the production has a 30-strong cast and will run at The Junction in Cambridge from August 1 to 4. It will then play at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe from August 12 to 18.

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