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New Markets in Radio

9th July 2007

According to an article in The Stage a consortium led by Channel 4 won the license to launch ten new national digital radio stations.

4 Digital Group, which includes Channel 4 Radio, Sky News Radio, Emap and Virgin Radio owner SMG, beat rival bidder National Grid Wireless to win the new 12-year licence.

It will now start work on preparing its ten-station offering, which includes two speech-based stations.

One of these will be Channel 4 Radio, which is expected to rival the BBC in terms of its comedy and drama output and launch a soap to compete with The Archers on BBC Radio 4.

Those of you with an interest in writing for radio should keep these new markets in mind.

Behan Films in Dublin

9th July 2007

RT&Eacute reports that author, playwright and artist, JP Donleavy, will introduce two films about Irish novelist and playwright, Brendan Behan, on Wednesday 18 July in the IFI in Dublin.

‘Meet the Quare Fella’, from 1960, is a rare opportunity to see the now infamous encounter between Eamonn Andrews and Brendan Behan.

Andrews elicits frank responses from his subject regarding the topics of writing, fame, religion, his time in borstal and his connections with the IRA.

‘Brendan Behan’s Dublin’ (1966) is a documentary directed by Norman Cohen and features interviews with Behan’s parents and wife, Beatrice.

Written by Carolyn Swift and featuring Ray McNally as the ‘voice of Behan’, the film is evocatively photographed by Robert Monks with musical ballads sung by The Dubliners.

Acidic Monologues Wanted

9th July 2007

The BBC Writersroom notes that AcidTheatre is looking for a radical 30-60 minute monologue for a male actor, based on the theme of Freedom of Speech in the Theatre.

“It is a legitimate function of art to provoke debate and sometimes to express controversial ideas. A genuinely free, pluralist society would celebrate this aspect of our culture. Those who use violent means to silence it must be vigorously opposed.” – excerpt from an open letter supporting the writer of Behzti.

The winning entry will be optioned for production by AcidTheatre for £250.

Entries and enquiries should be sent via email to before 1 August 2007.