BBC Cut Credits

6th June 2007 by Maura McHugh

The Stage reports that the new BBC policy of limiting programme credits to a mere 30 seconds, which only lists those who make a “significant creative contribution”, has sparked outrage among actors and crew members. Both Bectu and Equity have scheduled meetings with the BBC to discuss the move.

Bectu supervisory official Luke Crawley said: “The whole point of credits is to get recognition for what you have done. It makes a difference to our members getting work as, to do so, they have got to be known in the market place. It’s not acceptable.”

Equity head of communications and membership support Martin Brown said he was surprised the BBC had not sought the union’s views on the changes.

He said: “Credits are crucial to the professional development of actors and the creative team. On numerous occasions Equity has made it clear to the BBC and other broadcasters that we are opposed to credits being run faster than a viewer can read them or squashed into a small segment of the screen.”

The BBC’s reasoning for the change is retain the audience once a programme ends. Their research indicates, “that lengthy credits make viewers switch over or switch off. Research shows up to 80% of viewers leave a programme at the start of the end credits.”

An online petition has been set up to indicate people’s displeasure with the move.

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