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Meet Frederic Krivine

20th June 2007 by Maura McHugh

The French television writer Frédéric Krivine will be giving a talk tonight at 7.30pm in the Irish Film Institute in Temple Bar, Dublin at the invitation of the Guild.

The creator and writer of many of the 125 episodes of PJ, France’s police procedural television show, Krivine also created and wrote the tense television thriller Nom de code: DP. He is the creator, main writer, and executive producer of a new 66 x one hour series, which will be collectively written in a European take on the American writers’ room system. Since June last year he’s been the co-president of L’Union-Guilde des Scénaristes.

The meeting is open to Guild members only, but they are welcome to bring along a friend or colleague. Please call (01) 670-9970 to book a place.

Irish YouTube Launched

20th June 2007 by Maura McHugh

YouTube has gone global, according to the BBC. The Internet video site has launched local language versions of its popular portal in Brazil, France, Ireland, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain and the UK.

Over half of YouTube viewers are based outside of the USA, so the push into new territories will continue. The company has also announced international content partners including deals with France 24, Antena 3 in Spain, European football clubs such as AC Milan, Chelsea, Barcelona and Real Madrid, as well as organisations such as Friends of the Earth and Greenpeace. This means, of course, that YouTube is positioning itself as a provider not only of user-generated content but of professionally-produced material.

The company says it has more than 1,000 global partners, with more than 150 deals signed in Europe since March.

Mr Hurley [YouTube co-founder] said: “We respect copyright and we want to create new revenue streams to create opportunities.

“We have been working with rights holders to help them leverage new audiences.”

Despite the assurances, YouTube is facing widespread legal action from copyright holders over the use of material that is being uploaded by the site’s users without permission.

Game banned in Ireland

20th June 2007 by Maura McHugh

RTÉ reports that the Film Censor has banned a video game in Ireland for the first time. The offending title, Manhunt 2–which was also banned in the UK–was considered to contain ” an unacceptable level of violence.”

The Film Censor, John Kelleher, claims the game features gross levels of manipulation and torture.

Mr Kelleher said he recognises that in some films or video games strong graphic violence may be a justifiable element within the overall context of the work. However, he said that in the case of this game, there was no context and the brutality was unrelenting and gratuitous.