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Temple Bar Goes Festive

5th June 2007 by Maura McHugh

The Temple Bar Film Festival opens tomorrow with a launch at 6.30pm, followed by a showing at 7.30pm of the programme of short Irish documentaries that sold out at the Dublin International Film Festival last February.

This year the festival programme will include eight programmes of Irish short films (including a specially commissioned programme from Nicky Gogan of the Darklight Festival), two feature screenings (Karl Golden’s The Honeymooners and Perry Ogden’s Pavee Lackeen) and a panel discussion on the distribution of Irish film. Panelists include: Edwina Forkin (Zanzibar Films), Michael McMahon (Molotov Digital) and Derry O’Brien (Network Ireland).

Also as part of the festival, Filmbase is delighted to be hosting a masterclass entitled ‘The Art of Action’ with stunt co-ordinator/action choreographer, Roger Yuan. During this 1-day masterclass members of the public will see how on-screen action sequences are choreographed and filmed as Roger directs a group of actor/performers to perform action sequences in front of a steadicam operator.

New Words Squeeze In

5th June 2007 by Maura McHugh

Writers will be interested in this article on Yahoo, which discusses the ninth edition of the Collins English Dictionary, and the words that have gained entry to the book.

The new arrivals provided a snapshot of the way the English language has thrown up new words to describe the modern world.

Examples of new words recognised are: “hoodie”, “size zero”, “radicalising”, “rendition”, “carbon footprint”, “Gitmo” (slang for the Guantanamo Bay US detention camp), “me-media”, “pro-ana”, and “plasma screen television”.

A Collins spokesperson said that many of the words “will undoubtedly sink back into obscurity being bound up with today’s ephemera, but others will take root.”

YouTube Gets Legit Programmes

5th June 2007 by Maura McHugh

The Hollywood Reporter notes that YouTube has struck a deal with Hearst-Argyle Television Inc, which own 26 television stations in Boston, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Sacramento, Calif., and Manchester, N.H. YouTube will distribute local television programmes from the Hearst-Argyle network in a new revenue-sharing agreement.

“This deal fits perfectly within our overall digital strategy,” said Terry Mackin, executive vp at Hearst-Argyle Television. “We have invested significant resources in our growing digital media efforts.”

Hearst-Argyle is an investor in Internet Broadcasting Systems Inc., which publishes local TV news Web sites, including Hearst-Argyle stations. Last month, Internet Broadcasting signed a deal with Turner Broadcasting’s CNN, which will bring CNN content to its sites and vice versa.

Also, Russian online news source, Kommersant, reported that English-language TV channel Russia Today has launched it own section on YouTube.

“For us, the agreement with YouTube is the chance to widen audience of our channel by hundreds of thousand users of Internet, for whom, watching TV on the computer monitor is more habitual and comfortable,” said Russia Today Editor-in-Chief Margarita Simonyan.