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Calendar of Events

17th May 2007

The Guild has added a a new Calendar of Film and Theatre Events in Ireland to its web site – a smaller version of the calendar is also visible on this blog: at the bottom of the sidebar on the right.

Those of you who possess a Google email account have the added bonus of being able to subcribe to this calendar so it will appear in the calendar section of your email account.

Four Days in June

17th May 2007

Channel 4 is organising an event known as Four Days in June at their HQ in London from June 11 – 14 2007:

Members of the public will have the opportunity to attend seminars and masterclasses with various Channel 4 commissioning executives, high-profile on- and off-screen talent – including Academy Award-winning film director Kevin Macdonald; double BAFTA-winning writer Peter Morgan; producer and writer of The Office, Ash Atalla; Peep Show writers Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong, and internet entrepreneur Martha Lane Fox – plus a selection of leading independent production companies.

On the last day people will be able to pitch ideas to a panel of commissioners from Channel 4’s Features department.

Each day must be applied for individually, and Channel 4 requires your name, age, email, contact phone number, and the day you wish to attend. For the first three days you must include a 150-word paragraph on how you would benefit from attending the event. All entries must be received by midnight on 28th May 2007.