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The Screenwriters Role

2nd May 2007

Today’s reports on the Screenwriters Festival, which will be running from July 3-6 in Cheltenham, UK.

This year the festival’s head, David Pearson, believes an important discussion about the nature of the film industry needs to happen, especially now that the European Screenwriters Manifesto has been established. The festival hopes to offer a platform for screenwriters to discuss their presence in the industry.

Christine Kallas, president of the European writers body FSE, believes it’s time that screenwriting took its place at the heart of the film-making process.

“Writers are not looking for recognition of their role in the creation of a film. But films are still generally though of as either a producer’s film or a director’s film and our creativity is often not recognised.”

On Demand Plans

2nd May 2007

Courtesy of The Guardian is the news that ITV plans to relaunch its web site in the coming weeks as a broadband portal.

At that time the broadcaster will also launch an on demand service via the web site that will allow viewers to watch any programme aired on ITV during the previous 30 days.

The £20m revamp of is designed to bring broadband television into the mainstream. In addition to the catch up service, it will offer live streams of each channel, with extra content, special web-only commissions and behind the scenes footage. ITV is also digitising 20,000 hours of its archive and will offer a selection of classics like Jewel in the Crown, Prime Suspect, The Prisoner and Inspector Morse as well as old episodes of soaps and comedies.

Earlier this week the BBC announced that it was launching its iPlayer service, which will offer a seven day catch up service. The BBC plans for an online archive also.