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Franco-Irish Festival

24th March 2007

The Franco-Irish Literary Festival will run from 27-29 April in Dublin Castle.

The 2007 Festival concentrates on the various dimensions of Islands in Literature. The theme Talking about Islands, A propos des Iles… will be the opportunity to pay a warm tribute to Michel Déon, a famous and prolific writer, and member of the Académie Française, who has been resident in Ireland for more than 30 years.

Guests of the festival include José Luis de Juan, Irène Frain, John Banville, Chantal Thomas, Franzobel, Henri Lopes, Bríd Ní Mhóráin, Jean Lemieux, Theo Dorgan, Peter Sheridan, and Jean Raspail.

In conjunction with Bookcrossing, the weekend will also witness the “release” of 100 English and French books all over Dublin.

Paisley biopic underway

24th March 2007

According to The Guardian, Belfast playwright Gary Mitchell has been commissioned to write a screenplay about the life of preacher and politician Ian Paisley.

“I think it is a tremendous opportunity to explore and expose the great man and all his vices and all his virtues,” said Mitchell, whose plays have dealt with the destructive impact of the troubles on the lives of ordinary people in loyalist communities.

Asked who should take the star role, Mitchell told BBC Radio Ulster: “It’s up for grabs. What’s important is that it’s going to be a major person and one who has the ability to play such an icon.”

Mitchell has written for television and film, won the George Devine Award in 2000 for As The Beast Sleeps, and has been writer-in-residence at the National Theatre.