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Life on Mars script online

14th March 2007

Thanks to the Writers Guild of Great Britain’s Blog I see that the BBC has added more sample scripts of some of its best television drama and comedy online. They are in PDF format, and are free to download.

Of particular interest is the first episode of Life on Mars, written by Matthew Graham.

Channel 4 changes plans

14th March 2007

The Stage reports that Channel 4 has broken its promise to broadcast a new original drama every month. The television channel blames this change in policy on a revision of budgets. Channel 4 will air approximately eight dramas, which is a loss of four programmes.

Tessa Ross, head of film and drama, told The Stage: “Channel 4 is still hugely committed to drama and across our channels we are spending more. Shameless is now going to 16 episodes a series and E4 is doing homegrown drama. Skins, which has been a massive success, has been recommissioned and there are plans for another series in the pipeline.

“It is sad that there isn’t the budget to stretch to 12 films a year but what we have done is talk to writers and created a variety of productions, so instead of just sticking blindly to the idea of a single play, we might instead have made a four-part mini series. It’s better not to be prescriptive about the shape of our drama. Whether it is 90 minutes, a two-parter or a series, we still offer a great mix.”

Vatican TV

14th March 2007

Reuters reports that the Vatican has announced plans to launch its own television network by the end of this year.

Called H20, it will broadcast news and original entertainment worldwide in seven languages. The emphasis will be to promote “family values, human dignity and the common good.”