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Equity cinches podcast rights

8th March 2007

The BBC reports that production company B7 has come to a timely agreement with the actors union, Equity, regarding podcast performances.

Next month an updated audio version of 1970s BBC cult science fiction show Blake’s 7 will be released, which was put together by B7. This prompted a discussion between Equity and B7 over the rights of podcast performers.

The agreement provides for minimum session fees, rehearsals, overtime payments, holiday pay, assignment of rights and a royalty share on net revenues generated via podcast downloads, audio streaming via the internet and subsequent CD release.

“Our normal agreements are based around the history of radio and television, so don’t properly account for doing productions for these new media,” Mr Brown [Equity Spokesman] said.

“They could not possibly be adapted properly because they talk about transmissions and, obviously, for podcasts and internet streamings, transmissions no longer have any meaning.

“This deal is a benchmark… through the detailed negotiations with B7 Productions we now have a matrix that we can use.

“If someone came to us tomorrow saying ‘I want to do a new drama podcast, can you help me with my rights’ we can say ‘absolutely we can’. We know where we are going with this.”

Brown also noted that Equity was examining the issues revolving around the use of their members’ work on the Internet and mobile platforms: “It is one of our absolutely highest priorities at the moment,” he said.

Euroscript Screen Story Competition

8th March 2007

Also snagged from Lianne’s blog is a notice about the Euroscript Screen Story Competition 2007. To enter writers must submit a two-page treatment of the proposed story, and ten pages of sample script that must include a mixture of action and dialogue. You can make multiple submissions. Cost: £35 for 1 entry; £65 for 2 entries; £95 for 3 entries.

1st Prize
The winning writer will receive one-on-one professional guidance to develop his/her screen story from treatment or first draft. Working closely with one of Euroscript’s professional script consultants, the writer will have the opportunity to complete up to three drafts with a full script report at each stage of the development process. In addition, the writer will have regular scheduled meetings with his/her consultant and continuing email and telephone support. At the end of the process, which will take place over a period of nine months, the winning writer will be given help and advice on marketing the script.

2nd Prize
One writer will be awarded individual Consultancy including an in-depth script report, up to four hours of meetings with a Euroscript consultant and continuing email and telephone support.

3rd Prize
Three writers will win the third prize of one of Euroscript’s bullet-point script reports on any screenplay of their choice.

Deadline for entries is 31st March 2007. All payments and submissions are made via the Euroscript website.

British Short Screenplay Competition

8th March 2007

Thanks to Lianne, an Irish scriptwriter/reader in London, for dropping me a note about the quarterly round-up of international competitions and awards that she compiles on her fabulous blog. The first quarter of 2007 is on her site.

Of particular note is the British Short Screenplay Competition, organised by Kaos Film and the NFTS.

The competition is international, and open to original scripts of any genre between 5-15 minutes in length. The early deadline is 27 Apr 2007, and the administration fee is £25 sterling. The final deadline is 22 Jun 2007, and the fee increases to £35.

The Prizes:

Three winning screenwriters of The British Short Screenplay Competition will have their screenplays produced by Kaos Films.

Each will be premiered at BAFTA (subject to BAFTA availability), entered into film festivals around the world before being screened in selected cinemas in UK

Get writing now. Winning this competition would be worth the loss of sleep.